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Brand New hard drive is corrupted what the hell!!?

Billy N.
Playstation 4 - PS4

Hello guys I decided to get a new drive as I once went on to safe mode and restored FILE SYSTEM, it came up with the message hard disk is corrupted needs restoring and it restored fine, so I double checked and it said same message and then it restored fine again. Hmm so I bought a new hard drive and went straight to RESTORE FILE SYSTEM and the dreaded message popped up THE HARD DISK IS CORRUPTED now I have not even played a game with this ps3 never froze. Brand new it was I'm thinking is this a default message to every hard drive it checks good or bad What happens if you guys have done it out of curiosity or they know of this cause it's like I've wasted and got a new hard drive for no reason?????

first thing you want to do is to stop using your controller and no longer plug it in. remove your battery. disassemble your controller and clean every parts with a high grade 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and a small brush. Check for burned out or missing components. Once you ensured it is clean, '''replace the battery and reassemble your Dualshock. then re-evaluate and see what you get. Water damage is the toughest to troubleshoot and to repair, so let us know what you find. Hope this helps, good luck.
I had a similar problem , my 1yr old son threwmy controller in the mop bucket, it wasin there for almost a day.. when i took it out water came out from everywhere.. i let it dry for two days . Then i plugged it . . The red light came on for one second then turned off... so i decided to open it.. (youtube open controller ). Then i unplugged the light, and battery. . Put a blow dryer on it. On cool, not hot.. . And after 10 mins . Put the battery in, light in . And it worked. .. saved me 50 hope this helps you out.
Ok so I had some spare pure alcohol left over from an iPhone repair. You can get it on eBay. I put the hole 100mill bottle in to the ring around the joy sticks and kept shaking it for about 15mins (aggressive shaking) then I put my girlfriends hair dryer on full power like Jeremy clarkson. Full power (cold) don't be tempted by hot it warps the battery casing. And it came back to life I hope it helps you guys/girls.
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