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Cockroaches inside console (help?)

Peter C.
Playstation 4 - PS4

"I just found a bunch of cockroaches crawling in and out of my PS4. They have not tinkered with anything important (yet) but I'm afraid of the costs of having the console repaired when it happens. As of now, I've moved the console away from that area and haven't turned it on in some hours.
Has anyone had this problem? What did you do?"

"I used to work at an Apple Store and I was amazed at how often people would come into the store with MacBook Pro issues; we'd open it up in the back and find little roaches, usually dead, sometimes still alive. Immediately pack it back up and return to them because it's considered a biohazard and unserviceable at that point. They tend to like warm electronics. Roaches are everywhere, you really gotta maintain cleanliness and never let them become a problem inside your home or you're screwed."
One thing your bug guy won't tell you is you can buy these things called "Gentral" disc on amazon and put them every where they stop the roaches from breeding
Sony will not repair anything that has been infested, they will ship it back to you. They can get inside the power supply and short it out so if you're using the ps4 then you need to watch out for that. I've repaired a few ps4s that have had that happen
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