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Dropped PS4 and now won't come in on TV, help?

Gary O.
Playstation 4 - PS4

"Well my brother picked up my PS4 and dropped it from about 2 or 3 feet, fell right on the cords, plugged it in and now it doesn't show up on the TV, first thought was the HDMI cord was busted (since it fell on the cords, and it still boots up fine as far as I know), so I replaced it with a new HDMI and still doesn't come in.

Any suggestions? Or do I need to buy a new PS4?"

It might be the HDMI Port broken or something else in the playstation, you may need to just get a new playstation if you can't get it all working again
I recommend going to a game console/computer repair store, as they should be able to repair your console. If I was authorized for game console repairs on this website, I would do them myself, but fixing an HDMI port is no major issue.
Looks like you'll have to buy a new one or get it under warranty
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