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Dropped PS4. What to do?

Orlando M.
Playstation 4 - PS4

I recently bought a ps4 from Meijer about a little over a week ago and accidentally dropped the gaming console. It's chipped a little in the corner and the right top cover lifts up a little. I plugged it in and the eject button works and makes a sound but the power button doesn't ? No blue light. I didn't buy a warranty and I know Sonys warranty won't cover accidentals. Would Meijer have a free warranty? If not, where can I go to get it fixed. Help!

You can return it for a brand new one. Say it's defective. You bought it for your brother last week. He opened it today for his birthday, and it was defective straight out of the box. Meijer is especially good with returning merchandise and customer satisfaction. Push the word "defective".
I know of someone on the Xbox board who accidently dropped his Xbox One, it was completely his fault and he was asking what his options were. He decided to call up Microsoft and tell them the truth asking how much a repair would cost, and surprisingly Microsoft offered to fix it for free. Honesty goes a long way these days, you'd be surprised.
Sony Protection Plans with ADH coverage are designed to protect your investment from operational and structural damage due to accidental damage from handling. And with hassle-free support provided by Sony, or carefully selected Sony-authorized service partners, you won’t have to worry about unexpected repair bills, shipping costs, or deductibles.
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