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Has any1 else had HDMI port problems with their PS3?

Billy H.
Playstation 3 - PS3

my ps3 jsut suddenly wetn blank one day and i thought it broke, but then i realized its prolly my TV cuz my friend has the same thing and he said his port was broken, now the guy has replaced one part already and it didnt work so now he is goin to replace the motherboard of the port in the TV. so now im just wondering if any1 else's PS3's port has broken b/c then i would be wasting time on my TV when i should call Sony up and ask for a fixer...

ya my ps3 was turning on but it wouldn't show up on my tv, i then tried using the rca cables that come with the ps3 and i held the power button until it switched to the rca's. i was hoping that is wasn't my tv or ps3 and it was just a bad cable, so i went out and bought a new one right away which was stupid. it ended up being something random all i did was unplug the power cable out of the back of the ps3 for like 10 minutes then plugged it back in, it ended up working, i dont know if you have tried this simple task but it worked for me, hopefully it works for you
ok heres what you do, if you have the sony bravia television its an easy fix, all you do is unplugg your tv from the wall, wait about 20 mins then plug it back in and volia!!! ps3 in hdmi! i had the same problem thought it was my ps3 port then i found out it was the tv
A good way to test if your TV or the PS3 is the problem, once the screen goes black, try raising the volume. On every TVs, a bar or number will show up. If you don't see it, it's the TV that stopped showing the image, not the PS3 that stopped sending it.
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