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have you had a problem with vita not recognizing the game you inserted?

Andrew S.

"Hey guys,
I just picked up the vita today and i was playing Uncharted for a while. Then i decided to try some Rayman!

Weird thing is that when i inserted the rayman game into the vita, the little light didn't flash and the vita didn't recognize the card. when i clicked play on the rayman bubble, the vita kept saying insert the game. I took the game card out a few times and inserted it in again and same thing.

Very weird. I would consider taking it back or having the company you a new one. If neither of those are an option call Sony and have a warranty replacement (free because it's defective)
nope. faulty card slot issue/dusty cart I suppose.
Sometimes that happens, just do as you did, take it out and put it back in, I don't think it needs a blow like the Nintendo or SNES though.
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