HELP!!!! my PS3 isn't reading blu-rays

Washington M.
Playstation 3 - PS3

when I switch on my PS3 after 20 or more my PS3 start to become hot,maybe it is overheated or it is normal

Most if not all PS3's do have some level of heat... however if this level of heat is hot enough to cause problems while using your PS3 (i.e.: freezing, lag, melting of hardware) then you might want to change the environment it is in. This means have it on a hard surface (like some wood or plastic... i use a clipboard for mine) and not in a small or enclosed area like inside a cabinet or in an isolated corner.
you could always consider buying a fan to keep near the system to keep the internal temperature down (this has worked for me more than once). If all else fails contact Sony and see if they have any suggestions
it is overheating. always keep your PS3 in an open area with nice, cool airflow. if the light turns red and starts blinking, then you have an overheating problem. if that happens than I would strongly suggest buying a nyko intercooler.
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