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help, my ps4 isn't displaying on my tv

Gary O.
Playstation 4 - PS4

i have the solid white light indicating hdmi connection, but it's not displaying a signal on the screen whatsoever. the hdmi is fine, i don't get it.

Probably frozen, unplug the PS4 from the wall and try again.. if issue persist, you probably got a bad unit.
Turn the PS4 off (you have to hold the power button on the console until you hear a second beep; 1 beep turns the light orange and puts the PS4 in standby, the second actually turns it off). Hold the power button for at least 7 seconds. There will be an initial beep; then after about 7 seconds (felt longer), there is a second beep. This will turn the PS4 on in safe mode. [This temporarily sets the resolution to the minimum (460p?)]. Select the one that mentions resolution or display (I think it was the second option). This will keep the PS4 at the 460p when it turns on normally. Once the PS4 is back to normal, go to settings and change the resolution for the best one for your TV.
get a new TV.
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