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help no sounds coming from my vita

Alex W.

Headphones are ok but speaker is dead silent

"Do a system restore then stop muting it (just a reminder, pulling out headphones will automatically mute. Raise/lower the volume to undo, or just turn off the feature in the settings) "
"Try this: 1) Have the PS Vita switched off OR in standby to begin with. It doesn't really matter which, as long as you have a black screen. 2) Hold down the power button on the top of the PS Vita units for 30 seconds or longer, then release. 3) The PS Vita will boot to a menu. Select the option 'Rebuild Database'. 4) Wait and watch as the PS Vita repairs its software libraries. 5) Allow the unit to restart and boot back to the main menu. 6) If the above doesn't work, the unit may be low on power. Attach the power cable, leave it for 20 minutes or longer, then repeat the steps above."
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