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How do I access my PS3 save file?

Emily T.
Playstation 3 - PS3

"It's downloading as we speak, I have my PS3 save file uploaded to PS Plus but only my PS4 save uploads appear on my PS4 Online Storage menu.

Is there an in-game menu option for this?"

I believe you get to choose which save slot (within the game) is going to act as your cross-save file. Let's say you choose slot #2 on your PS3. If you've got an earlier save in the same slot on your PS4 it will be overwritten by the cross-save. If you want to go back to playing on your PS3 after having played on your PS4, you need to sync your PS4 save file with the cloud first, otherwise I believe your PS3 will recognise the PS3 file as the most recent one (since it was the most recent one sent to the cloud) and overwrite your PS4 save!
When you load the game on both PS3 and PS4, go to Data Transfer. Data Transfer it from PS3 to the Cloud Storage, and then go get it from PS4 Data Transfer.
You didn't sell your PS3 copy just yet, right? You need to choose which save file to upload to the cloud server, one that is hosted by Square Enix and not Sony, which can then be downloaded on Vita or PS4. This can only be done within the game itself, under Data Transfer.
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