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How often do you clean your PS3??

Samantha R.
Playstation 3 - PS3

How often do you guys clean your system? Do you just clean the outside part? Or do you also vacuum the air vents in the PS3? I just clean the outside and the surrounding parts. I never clean the inside because I'm scared. They say you're supposed to put on a low powered vacuum but wtf is a low powered vacuum?

i vacuum the air vents. Never use compressed air, it only blows the dust inside.
I wipe the dust off the top with my hand and that is the extent of my cleaning duties. This is easier with the slim because they don't get covered in visible smears and fingerprints. I'd use a handheld vacuum from time to time if we had one.
Be careful with the vacuums, static electricity and HD's do not mix very well. I just got my slim with move bundle and won't have to worry about it for awhile yet. I'll be doing the same as I do to my PC. Dust and wiping it down.
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