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My HDMI input is loose/broken/disconnected on my PS3. My warranty is expired, how do I fix this cheaply

Richard J.
Playstation 3 - PS3

Whenever I plug the HDMI in my PS3 my tv will show no signal, and when I move the chord around it briefly (3 seconds) senses something is connected, but never shows any video. If anyone knows how to fix it pleas let me know

"if it's out of warranty then open it up and secure the HDMI input or if you aren't comfortable with that, then take it to a shop and ask them to do it."
I've been using a component cable ever since the hdmi port died.
Have you tried multiple HDMI cables? Mine started acting weird like you're saying and then I found out my cable had gone bad. Try that first, otherwise I'm sure there are local shops who repair Ps3s.
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