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my PS Vita is just a black screen, please help

Alex W.

"okay so basically earlier today I was playing on my Vita in the car, then I put it in my pocket since I had ot go out and carry some stuff, and when I tried to play on my Vita again, all thatm happened is that it's now a black screen, with the blue light on the PS button lighting up and going off when i hold down the power button and turn it off
I've tried to go into safe mode by holding down the Power button and by holding down PS button+Power+R but neither time its worked."

Sounds like your inner screen is cracked, try turning it on and increasing the volume then unlock your screen. If you can still hear the screen unlocking but not see it it's your inner screen for sure.
Your screen broken/cracked. There's nothing you can do except call up sony and get them to fix it. If you're still under warrenty, you can get it fixed with no problem for free.
This happened to my vita last week, hold only the power button for roughly thirty seconds and you should see a system menu with options to factory reset the system and or restart vita with a few other options. I believe that i had removed the system from the charger but try it with and without the charger if you need to. All I did was restart and my vita has been working fine ever since then. I hope this helps.
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