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Ps vita right analog stick drifting on its own?

John .S

I was playing RE revelations 2 when I noticed my camera started drifting downwards on its own. Anyone else encounter this problem? I'd hate to send my baby in for repairs, I got the borderlands bundle 7months old everyday use.

"The way I fixed my drift was to rotate the stick fully pretty hard in a complete circle, then blew them out with duster (supose your mouth could work too, but you gotta get under the rubber shield) all around, ran them in a complete circle again then powered down the console. Cleaned them one more time with it off, then powered back on, careful not to touch the sticks. Give that a shot, worked for me a few months ago when I was drifting on terraria, it fixed it riht up and havent had peoblem since. I know there is some stick reset thing in the vita, thats why you do the full rotation thing"
I have a 1000 model and the left stick started drifting to the point where I couldn't play anything. I tried to reset it, but it felt like there was something grinding when I would roll the stick around, so I knew that I would have to replace it. I contacted Sony,
turn off the vita and turn the stick clockwise and counter clockwise a couple times. It worked apparently it's what Sony recommends
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