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PS3: extremely noisy fan

Samantha R.
Playstation 3 - PS3

As soon as the console starts up the fan is blowing hard. The noise is not scratchy or anything but the fan spins at full speed. The console does not seem to be that hot to justify such a blowing. Can anybody help? Thank you

"The ps3 fan has 3 fan speeds (factory standards. In summer its humid hot etc the air blowing out might not be HOT but the components inside are so this is what its cooling down! You can notice the fan is louder when it goes at full speed but this is normal"
"Honestly a major factor in fan noise is the position of the console to the surrounding material. So if the PS3 case touches a solid surface, it will sound much louder. If the PS3 is near a wall or solid surface, it will reflect sound waves more efficiently and make your PS3 fan much louder! You can dampen the noise by moving it away from solid surface and raising the console a few inches on something soft (paperback)."
Take it apart and clean it with air compressor. I just cleaned mine due to loud fan, now it's quiet as can be!
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