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PS4 gets too hot, is it normal?

Washington M.
Playstation 4 - PS4

I am having no issues with my PS4, I am really enjoying it, however, I play a game for like an hour my PS4 gets really hot. I just wanted to know if this was normal, the fans work and I can feel hot air coming out of the back. I would like some insight on this.

Hot air is good, it means the ventilation is working.
"If the PS4 doesn't shut down, it's not too hot. If the fan is running in high, it means the console is trying to cool itself. You can help by not putting it in an enclosure or near or above other sources of heat."
I have a flexible USB mini fan, I just connected it to the second player USB port and aimed it at the ps4 to circulate the hot air around it more and it completely cooled off in about a min. It worked so well you can't even hear the ps4 fan at all anymore.
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