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Is the PS4 running very hot??

Playstation 4 - PS4

"I just got a PS4 this weekend, everything was going fine but then after around 1 hour of use playing TLOU I noticed it was running very hot.

It is a Brand new PS4 (even a ""newer"" one because the box is like a briefcase and already have a Watch Dog / TLOU advertisement on it), however when I got near it to get some game box I felt it was running very hot (or at least I think it is unusually hot). So is this normal??"

I bought a usb laptop fan that my system sits on, in an open space, doesn't get very warm. The usb is plugged into my tv, so it doesn't hurt the PS4 at all.
I have put a small book under mine and it has helped make it a bit quieter and a little less hot as the glass surface underneath was really hot under the unit before hand.
Nothing to worry about. If you're scared it will end up failing at some point, get a laptop cooling pad. But really, it's not necessary.
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