ps4 wont read disc, just spinning and stops

Orlando M.
Playstation 4 - PS4

"I have trouble with my ps4. When I insert a disc on the drive unit, it starts spinning but after a few seconds it stops. Then it starts spinning again and stops. This continiu again and again. After a few minutes, DISC IS NOT RECOGNIZED. This happends with FIFA 14 and spiderman blueray movie.

I have clear the data base, unplugged the PS4 and I am out of ideas. Any help?"

"This is a fairly common problem with PS4's. You'll need to replace the drive or the laser at a minimum. Usually just replacing the laser will fix this issue, but sometimes they need the entire drive replaced. I hope this helps."
After reading posts and saw videos on you tube I decide to open the PS4 and inspect the drive unit. One thing that I remembered was that the last disc I insert before the PS4 dont take any more discs, was a dvd with a sticker on it. Well, when I open the drive unit SURPRISE, the label of that disc was stick on the spinning part and it blocks the laser from reading correctly the discs. I remove the sticker, clean the glue and reassambly all the ps4 and It works. Now I can play movies and games normally. Thanks for your help
I stuck a butter knife in mine and pressed the disc down and it works now
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