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PS5 - Additional Storage Options

Mugus Hugh
Playstation 5 - PS5

While a new internal storage solution is beyond even what I can be bothered to lay out close to launch, I am certainly going to grab a decent sized SSD and have it as my overflow / PS4 library.

Looking for something that will provide the fastest transfer speeds to and from the PS5, minimum 2tb. Anyone got any suggestions?

Mechanical usb 3 4tb I've coped with a mechanical drive in the PS4, so as Long as games are no slower than that it'll be fine for the few times I want to at them. I can always copy to the internet if I want to play Something
This Addlink A92 might be a good budget option as it comes with a heatsink already installed, it’s £127 on Amazon. There's this chap on YT who is testing it at the moment, his first round of testing is good, it’s the first QLC SSD that he's tested that doesn’t ramp up the fans in the console.
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