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PS5 or PS5 digital?

Mugus Hugh
Playstation 5 - PS5

For anyone that did pre-order, which one did you pre-order? Why did you choose the one you did?

PS5 is the more flexible one, allowing greater selections as well as the PS4 transfer.

To be totally honest, I'd go for the digital PS5 because when a CD gets scratched, you'll end up having to buy the same game twice whereas digital games are around for as long as the game is on the PlayStation Network.
I didn't pre order but If I can get my hands after the launch, I'd go for the PS 5 and not the digital version. i personally want to own the last non digital console that will be valuable in times to come.
i personally think that the digital model is better, not only because it's cheap, but think about it, games size is getting higher over years, which means more DVD's to carry, which is really annoying, owning games DVD was a cool thing back when the size wasn't higher than 4 GB's, but it's time for digital stuff
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