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Vita won't turn on. Solid orange charging light?

Kenny L.

I have a Vita and it is not turning on. When plugged into the AC adapter the PS Button stays solid orange. When the power button is pressed it blinks once and goes back to being solid.

Take a phone adapter and the ps vita USB cable and put the vita on charging ,hold ps button(home button),power button and R trigger for 15 seconds and it will be back to normal(saw this on youtube ,worked for me)
Started with the same problem of solid on orange light but unit not turning on. Found that it is the on/off button not working not the level of charge. Got mine on by plugging USB into computer rather than wall plug and pressing on button whilst connecting to PC. Console turned on but now will not turn off, other problems now with other buttons. Touch screen working ok but none of the buttons or joysticks. After a couple of days pratting around with restores, formatting etc some of the buttons and both joysticks now working.
Had the same problem because I didn't use my Vita for months. All I did was connect the USB to my laptop and the PS Vita turned on right away. Weird.
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