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Will I be able to transfer my PS3 data to 4?

Emily T.
Playstation 3 - PS3

I am in the makings of purchasing a PS4. And one of the main reasons I haven't done so yet is for fear of one thing. What will happen to my games and extras and all my data that is currently stored on my PS3. For instance, I have both seasons of The Walking Dead the game, Grand Theft Auto V along with a LOT of PS2 titles and a lot of other things that I have forked out a lot of money on.

You can use the same PSN account, of course. All content you have purchased will forever belong to your account, and you can download your games, DLC, etc, and play them again, but if you want to be able to keep playing your PS3 games, you should keep your PS3. You can always find them in your 'Download List', either from the PlayStation Store, or on the XMB via PSN > Account Management.
PlayStation 4 is not backwards compatible, and does not support PlayStation 3 software. Any games you bought on PS3 will not be downloadable or playable on PS4
there's no backwards compatibility, so if you're that worried about your purchases, then don't sell the ps3. Wait a bit longer and save up more cash for the ps4, and maybe there'll be some decent titles out by then.
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