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Can I add an external hard drive to a PS4?

Peter C.
Playstation 2 - PS2

I’ve almost convinced myself to get a PS4, but I’m a little concerned about being limited to 500gb of internal storage in light of the size of games and increasing popularity of downloading “retail” titles. Can an external hard drive be added to a PS4 for additional storage?

If by memory, you mean more storage than the stock 500GB, then it is a simple process to replace the internal hard drive with a larger one you buy yourself.
I suggest just swapping it out instead, Sony makes it very easy, and you can swap out the factory HDD for a standard 2.5” hard drive, just like a laptop. I would just get a 1TB.
The anser is yes. You can use any external storage device for backup of data on the PS4, all game data. While you can move the game files externally you cannot install executable game files
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