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Can a PS Vita screen be replaced?

Ken P.

I asked this in one other spot so I'm sorry if you see the other post. I just took my Vita from it's case and it has a highly visable gouge/scratch on the screen. I am meticulous with it, but I have 4 small children so I know without a doubt someone scratched it and returned it to it's case without saying anything. As one might imagine, I am highly upset, and honestly do not even want it like this. Does anyone know if or how the screen can be replaced? I bought it at a Gamestop last Wednesday, does anyone know if there is anything Gamestop or Sony might be able to do to help me out? I do not mind paying.

I'd quickly buy the Sony extended warranty plan with accidental from the store ASAP and wait a bit to make the claim.
"Sony offers accidental warranties for 1 and 2 years within the first 30 days and they won't inspect your unit. you could get the 1 year warranty, wait 3 weeks or so and then file a claim. It'd look genuine since it's just a scratch."
"No screen protector dude? The was the first thing I did was put one of those on. I agree with other get the Sony extended from the store and make a claim next week. "
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