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Water bottle broke in bag and wet my PS Vita

John S.

"i was in school and after the break (pauze) i put my water bottle in my bag. When i got back in class and did a hour of working i wanted to pick up a worksheet that i had in my bag. For my suprise i saw that my water bottle was leaking. My Vita and charger were completely drounced in it. I tried whipping the Vita with my hand a couple of times to get the inside water out. When i got home i tried opening the handheld with a screwdriver (i dont do these things often so i followed the tutorial here). Both halves were connected with eachother trough the battery cable that i was to afraid to remove so i left the battery on the system. I noticed a lot of water droplets so i let it dry 90 degress open with both halves (battery cable and black ribbon still attached). After a day my dad tried to charge it because he said the water would have been evaporated already. And it didn't work. After 2 more days i tried again and it still doesn't want to turn on but everything inside looks dry and ok.

Did i do something wrong or do i have to wait for some longer? "

This may seem silly, but if this sort of thing ever happens to you again the very first step you should do is take out the memory card and put them in an airtight container filled with uncooked, white rice, and let it sit covered in the rice for a minimum of 24 hours, then take it apart and make sure that its all dry and that there isn't any damage that you could see, put it all back together and turn it on (this is the first time you should turn it on) if it turns on and everything works, then there ya go.
"Yes you should have waited longer. . . No power (pull the battery immediately) 72 hrs in a desiccant would be a good dry there was probably still water under components then the board would have to be cleaned.. Don't kick yourself too hard... most people don't realize how long it takes for water to just evaporate the single most common problem are impatient people who power up a wet unit too soon, or without really trying to do much to dry it much at all. BTW just drying a board will not fix blown (shorted) components. Powering it up could have done more damage... only by examining it closely with a magnifier can you see corrosion, burned or swollen components. You may be able to replace the logic board... but you could still need a display or other parts."
Same my freind was recording me swim and he dropped my vita in the when I got home I opened it and blow dried it and It worked but you need to remove the memory card and buy a new one and the system will reset
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